WISP Show Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

14th November, 2018


About this Event

This exclusive event focuses on the world of Internet Service Providing and prides itself on representing the interests of all types of ISPS across the world. we strive to bring you a compelling event that will address the issues that matter the most to you in a community environment that encourages open communication, stimulates interaction and unites us all in the common goal of thriving in the midst of constant change. Designed for ISPs and WISPs large and small across the world, this event will allow attendees to address the challenges and opportunities of the current business environment. There will be keynote speeches, general session presentations, lightning talks and general session panels. Representatives from various providers, carriers, industry and hardware vendors will also be on hand to help you answer questions regarding sales opportunities. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for service providers to network with each other and talk industry leaders as well as technology vendors.

So, if you're looking for solutions to the challenges facing the modern service provider and insights on the current trends that you must embrace, then make sure to join us at the Mektory Raja 15, 12618, Tallinn, Estonia on November 14th, 2018.



Mektory Raja 15, 12618

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All of us at M.IT.S Academy, with 7 years experience, are committed to providing high-quality, personalised and on-demand IT education to orgganizations, individual users and engineers.We are conducting training sessions for MikroTIk, Ubiquiti Networks and Cambium Networks all over Africa, Asia, iddle East and Europe.
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In the past 7 years, M.IT.S Academy has successfully held many courses to help corporations, ISP's, WISP's, government organisations and individuals by training to provide better services and support their partners and customers. We are proud to have issued thousands of certifications for engineers from over 20 countries.

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Training details and schedule

November 15~17 Tallinn, Estonia (MTCNA) English
November 18~19 Tallinn, Estonia (MTCRE) English
November 20~21 Tallinn, Estonia (MTCINE) English
November 22~23 Tallinn, Estonia (MTCTCE) English
November 24~25 Tallinn, Estonia (MTCUME) English
November 26~27 Tallinn, Estonia (MTCWE) English
November 28~29 Tallinn, Estonia (MTCIPv6) English
November 15~16 Tallinn, Estonia (UBWA) English
November 17~17 Tallinn, Estonia (UBWS) English
November 18~19 Tallinn, Estonia (UEWA) English
November 20~21 Tallinn, Estonia (ePMP) English
November 22~23 Tallinn, Estonia (cnPilot) English

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