Full Stack Consultancy

Our goal is to support our clients at all levels of the stack. Which is why we have come up with the concept of Full Stack Consultancy with our experience in network of professional all around the globe plus our partnerships with vendors allow us to provide a service that is unique. We take pride in the fact that we are always on the clients side and are committed to find the best solutions to satisfy your needs

Network and Link Planning

For most projects, be it small or enterprise, the most important step is the planning phase. Every network deployment is different and there is not magic bullet solution. A simple oversight at the start can make or break a project. with many years of experience to back us up, we have designed, planned and project managed many networks all over the world

Product Selection

As we are not bound to any one brand, we choose the products that best suit your needs, not what the manufactures tells us to sell in today's market, with the latest technologies, there is always an advantage and disadvantage between brands. We strive to pick the best for your environment.


We believe that for your network to succeed, having trained staff and managers to take care of your network is paramount. With over 7 years of experience training 1000's of students in 3 different vendor certified training programs all over the world, or officially registered trainers have proven themselves in the sector.

24/7 Support (Monthly, Daily, Hourly)

Continuing with our full stack approach to business we are always ready to support all your needs with our network engineers in many countries all over the world, we are just a flight away.

Online Support and Consultancy (Remote)

With all the new tools available to us these days, we are able to support your network needs 99% of the tie from anywhere in the world. By working with us, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you can reach our team of fully qualified engineers 24/7

Using technology and the internet has greatly changed the way that services provided by consultants like us are handled and processed. it is very rare that we have to be on-site nowadays. we can provide you with the support that you require remotely from anywhere in the world. Using our support portal and tools, you will be able to open, follow up and comment on all your support ticket, thus keeping you in the loop.

We are just a data packet away!

On-Site Support and Consultancy

In the case where on-site is required, we will do our best to send the right engineer for the right job. We strive to make your support requests as painless as possible and to meet your needs to the best of our abilities. Some of our on-site services include:

And many more...

Software Development

Our team of software engineers based in Africa have many great success stories in developing custom software solutions for the web, cloud and internal requirements.