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Master all the know-hows of LigoWave products to enhance the efficiency of your wireless network.
Participate in the LigoWave Wireless Academy and gain the in-depth knowledge about the products, proper installation techniques and optimal configuration settings for various applications.

In these courses you will:

  • Configure LigoWave devices in various scenarios (LigoDLB, LigoPTP and Infinity devices)
  • Learn about the advanced troubleshooting of LigoWave devices
  • Get detailed information about LigoWave applications
  • Learn more about the Infinity Controller
  • See special demos, provided by LigoWave team
  • Receive the general LigoWave product overview and the review of main features
  • Perform the configuration exercises of LigoDLB producs

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PTMP Solutions
PTP Solutions
Wi-Fi Solutions

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